BBEdit HTML extensions

Copyright 1996 by Carles Bellver
Release 14 May 17 1996
Info updated on August 28 1996

Update Dec 13 2002
Mark Fleming has re-implemented some of these plugins to work on OS X:

This freeware set of BBEdit extensions provides some HTML shortcuts.

The Software

You can get a binhexed and compressed package here. (It can also be found at any info-mac mirror in the text/html directory.)

How to use it

You need BBEdit 4.0 or later or BBEdit Lite 3.5.1 or later. Put the extensions files in your BBEdit extensions folder and (re)start BBEdit. Read the Use section if you need it, or ask Bare Bones if you don't know what BBEdit or BBEdit extensions are.

BBEdit HTML extensions' development started on September'93. Then there was just one HTML helper for the Macintosh (a Hypercard stack by Eric L. Morgan) and we would have liked something more, so that we thought of adding some HTML capabilities to BBEdit, then and now the best text editor for a pc. At the present time, it's no longer a working project. You shouldn't expect new updates, nor any technical support.